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GiveOpp Pledges to help Humanitarian Causes Worldwide
Following its recent launch on July 4, Mark Cosby of GiveOpp announced that the company would be donating 80% of its profits to humanitarian causes in an attempt to turn the world into a nicer place. Although many businesses donate money to charitable causes, most are not as generous as GiveOpp, so this move is yet another great reason to sign up for what looks like being the most successful home marketing business opportunity of the decade.

GiveOpp has already formed relationships with several non-profit and research organizations that work tirelessly to help the poor and needy in communities across the globe. Many of these schemes had already been put in place prior to the GiveOpp launch as testament to the company’s commitment to improving the lives of as many people as possible. By pledging such a huge amount of cash, GiveOpp hopes to utilize the power of global social networking for the greater good of humanity.

GiveOpp is the brainchild of Don Glanville who has been responsible for many very successful marketing systems over the last decade. Mr. Glanville created the Quicklister system for the Liberty League International back in the mid 2000’s. The system turned Liberty League International into an astonishing success and many thought Glanville would never be able to top this. But he did—with the Reverse Funnel System. This revolutionary marketing system made a global success story of the Global Resorts Network and sealed Don Glanville’s reputation as a man to watch in the world of home network marketing business opportunities.

With such a successful and innovative creator behind the scenes, many industry insiders believe that GiveOpp is likely to be a sure fire success story, just like Liberty League International and Global Resorts Network. With this in mind, potential members should consider signing up now.

Learning more about GiveOpp is easy. Start with this link:

GiveOpp makes Big Waves in Home Business

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